Concello de Sanxenxo - Local swimming pool
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Concello de Sanxenxo

Sports and youth

Sanxenxo municipal swimming pool is located in sports complex in Baltar, next to Portonovo football ground.

Swimming pool has two conditioned spaces dedicated to bath, one small (12x6 m) máximum depth 0,90 metres and another with bigger dimensions (25x12,5m) with máximum depth 1,65 metres. It can also enjoyo f two hydromassage and Finnish sauna. There are two extended changing rooms.

Ademas dentro de las Instalaciones de la piscina, podremos disfrutar de los servicios de un completo gimnasio. El Gimnasio es una sala amplia de cerca de 300 m2 con dos espacios diferenciados:

  • Cardio zone: equiment with different models of Bh Hipower Brand (6 treadmills, 5 elliptical, 6 vertical bikes, 3 horizontal bikes, 2 steps, 1 rowing concept2, streengthening hydraulic system, a space to do abdominal cunches and stretching.
  • Bodybuilging zone with different models of Bh and Salter brands where can find a weight free área (2 dumbbells, 1 plan bench press , 1 inclined bench press -both with olympic bar- , 1 scott bank and 4 articulated multipurpose benches, as well as different bars and their corresponding discs of different weights) and a varied machinery area (1 multipower, 1 adjustable pulley crossing, 2 multistations, 1 pectoral contractor, 1 horizontal press, a machine for chin-ups and assisted funds, 1 back-seated machine with chest support, 1 leg dam, 1 multi-blade, 1 gluteus machine, 1 knee extension, 1 femoral spine lying down).

Is obligated to assist with sports clothes and with a towel. People under 16 are not allowed to acces. Between the age of 16 and 18 is necessary to present a parental authorisation and provide documentation showing he/she is more than 16 (identity card, family book...)



- From Monday to Friday: 07:45 until 23:00 h

- Saturdays: 09:30 until 13:30 h

- Sundays: 11:00 until 14:00 h



There are different modalities of ticket to Access the facilities in function of the use (free tickets, jacuzzi and sauna tickets, individual bonus of 10-15 sessions, memberships…) and all of them have different prices.

To decide what is the best modality is depending on the days, posible combination with couses, hydromassage and sauna use, etc.

You will find below a detailed list of the main access modalities:


1. Free ticket:

Can use swimming pool and gym

  • Adults: 4 €.
  • Special discounts: (under the age of 16, over 65, pensioners, disabled people and students): 2,50 €
  • IMPORTANT: the discounts will be acreditated with documentation. In case of students, have to inform they are enrolled in the school termo f the current year.


2. Bonus:

Personal and non-transferable with an expiration of 12 months from the purchase order. It can be recharged with 10 or 15 tickets. Magnetic card is necessary to acces and it is provided in deposit for 2 €.

  • 10 tickets. Adults: 27,00 €. Special discounts: 16,00 €.
  • 15 tickets. Adults: 33,00 €. Special discounts: 20,00 €.
  • IMPORTANT: Only can be shared the bonus with brothers and sisters under the age of 16. the discounts will be acreditated with documentation. In case of students, have to inform they are enrolled in the school termo f the current year.
  • El uso de la Sauna y el Hidromasaje para las entradas libres y los Bonos es de 1 € , entrada que se debe de abonar previamente a su utilización.


3 Memberships:

There is different modalities; the advantatges of being membership is that membership card allows to acces whenever you like. To use sauna and hydromassage without paying more (to bonus is necessary to pay 1 € to acces), discounts of a 50% in courses for the Installation and right to work program in the Gym.

  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: 32,00 € / month
  • MEMBERSHIP WITH DISCOUNT: 23,00 € / month
  • FAMILIAR MEMBERSHIP: 42,00 € / mmonth

Familiar membership includes the partner and all the sons under the age of 18.


The activities, the use of swimmming pool and gym finish 15 minuts before to be closed.



Municipal swimming pool of Sanxexo

Baltar s/n, Portonovo

Tlf. 986720100